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Posted on  Jan 6,2010  10:01

Evony Age 2 (Age II) Super Servers Project Coming


Are you ready for the most wanted browser game for 2010? You and over fifteen million other registered players are as well!

The folks at Evony are getting ready and preparing for the arrival of the highly anticipated Evony: Age II release. That’s right, it’s coming very soon! And because of this upcoming release, the guys behind Evony are creating the Super Servers on the classic Evony: Age I.

If you’re in servers s17-s23, you’re going to be merging together on a brand new server named SS1 with even higher capacity, space and hardware to accept even more players. It truly will be a battleground that doesn’t have equal, where you’ll be able to make even more friends and enjoy fantastic new battles and enemies to conquer.

Along with this breaking news, the developers also give players some tips:

1, Alliances will be closed. You’ll need to restart your alliance on SS1. Don’t worry, we’ll give you a Ritual of Pact free to get you up to speed. Just remember, someone might want your alliance name so you better get in first!

2, At first, your cities will be all over the server. Again, nothing to worry about. The Evony team will give you an advance teleporter for each city and allow you pick where you want to place them freely.

3, You won’t be able to log in and gain food, etc while the servers are being merged. Don’t worry! All cities will have 0 upkeep during this time.

4, So to recap, you’ll be getting advanced teleporters, ritual of pacts and a zero troop upkeep all for FREE!

5, These new Super Servers are truly top of the range with huge improvements over the Warlord merges. Don’t forget, if you have multiple accounts in s17-s23, you’ll need to pick which account is being transferred over!

6, There are a lot of new items in Evony Age 2 ranging from Heroes Gear & Attributes, Stratagem, Quest items.

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  1. randall conliff says:

    please clean out acconts that are not being played please

  2. sparks ser.90 & beta says:

    and give them to sparky :)

  3. Lacy says:

    Can somone let me know when beta 2 will officially go live.

  4. jjwebber says:

    :) ha ha ha!!!! anyone come on
    why is no-one here???…

  5. jjwebber says:

    ok now i am talking to my self :( come on :) yay finilly some one

  6. B1G J4CK says:

    Hahahaha this is crap, no one co//\/es on

  7. sly dog says:

    the Horsemen rock join us are be taken

  8. sly dog says:

    from the darkest pitts of hell ride the Horsemen to take the world and make it are play ground

  9. sly dog says:

    sly dog :the Horsemen rock join us are be taken
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